We have all been taught that water freezes at the temperature of 0ºC. However, this is not strictly true. SAN JORGE subsidiary company, MAG SOAR researchers have proven that the freezing temperature is directly related to the ambient humidity. This means that the freezing process is triggered by moisturizing air. This is the base of the patent applied by MAG SOAR claiming a method for supercooling without freezing or controlling the freezing process.

In their recently published paper, Ice Surface Entropy Induction by Humidity or How Humidity Prompts Freezing, they detail these results.

MAG SOAR engineers designed and built an isothermal chamber in order to register the droplets freezing temperature at several humidity and temperature conditions.

The following videos were put forward as evidence that the lower humidity, the lower the freezing temperature of water droplets:

These recent findings contradict the common assumption that dryness should rise up the freezing point of water droplets and demonstrates that it’s just the opposite: dryness lowers down the freezing process.

Freezing water phenomena affect a great amount of key processes in aeronautics, energy and transportation sectors. This discovery could be also important to a further understanding of meteorological behaviour of clouds. The applications of this breakthrough are countless.

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