The flying drone is especially thought for the inspection of hazardous facilities such as the inner part of a deposit, oil, and gas holding vessels or other confined containers with volatile and potentially explosive atmospheres.

The drone has been specifically designed for IECEX Class 1 Division 1 or ATEX Zone 0. Besides, it is capable of facing the most extreme temperatures and even bounces off the container wall to the surface without damage and without loss of control.

The flying robot is also able to fit through a 12” diameter opening. Additionally, it is designed to provide a double visual feed because of its capacity of both wide views for navigation and close views capable of resolving a wire between 0.5 and 10 mm of length at a distance of 5m.


  • Able to fit trough a 12″ diameter opening


  • Capable of providing a double visual feed


  • Remotely navigation


  • Able to crash and bounce off the vessel wall without damage


ATEX DRONE is an intrinsically safe drone for use in explosive atmospheres