This EU H2020 funded project main objective is to improve convenience and efficiency of the airport detection systems

Most people are familiarized with the inconvenience of having to go through a “hand search o pat down” in airports check points. Apart from being invasive and privacy disruptive, the whole procedure significantly slows down the flow of passengers, which means waiting even longer queues. Additionally, in the case of wave body scanners, the use of sexually explicit images that have to be interpreted by an agent raises some concerns about user’s privacy and dignity.

The main challenge of MESMERISE is to develop a new scanning technology improving the respect for intimacy and privacy rights as well as the efficiency and reliability. In order to achieve this, the project first objective is to develop a high-resolution non-intrusive scanner able to automatically detect and identify both internal and external concealed prohibited or restricted commodities sought by customs

Mesmerise proposes two complementary technologies to fill the current gaps: ultra-low dose Multispectral X-ray transmission and Infrasonic interrogation. Both systems have the goals of improving privacy, convenience, sensitivity, and reliability posing no risk for users, providing automatic identification or classification and assuring that no human operator needs to watch privacy-breaking images.